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PJ on Jan 23rd 2008

Something Live is a podcast series featuring music recorded and mixed live.  The show is recorded, mixed, produced and hosted by singer/songwriter/audio engineer(!?)/ape-like creature P.J. Shapiro.

If you are a musician who is interested in appearing on the show, send an email to pjshapiro (at) somethinglive DOT net .

If you have any questions or comments about the show, you can either write a comment in that show’s entry on the main page, or send an email to  pjshapiro (at) somethinglive DOT net .

FAQ (Not that anyone is asking, but…)

  1. Question:  Is the show actually live?
    Answer: No, but each musical performance is one unedited take.  The idea is to present an accurate representation to the listener of what he or she would have heard had they been in the room at the time of each musical performance.
  2. Question:  What does “mixed and recorded live” mean?
    Answer:  Something Live is a collection of recordings of live musical performances (although in the completed podcasts, some idiot keeps interrupting the music with various nonsensical ravings…).  All performances are single unedited takes, without punch-ins, overdubs or corrections.  Tracks taken from The Cantab Lounge are actually just digital recordings of the live mix from the house sound system, so what you hear is a recording of the same stereo mix that went to the amplifiers and speakers in the room.  While there is some editing and modification made to these stereo recordings before they appear in the podcast, the basic equalization and relative levels for the individual instruments and voices are all set live, and cannot be modified once they have been recorded.  Tracks recorded in the spacious and opulent Something Live studios are recorded in the same manner (live stereo mixes), but don’t run through any amplification since there isn’t any need for live sound reinforcement in my dining room the well-appointed and utterly professional studio environment that totally isn’t my dining room table.

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