Something Live: The Cantab Sessions 2

PJ on Apr 4th 2008

Welcome to the second Something Live podcast! This show features music recorded and mixed live at The Cantab Lounge, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

To listen to the show just click on the link or use the handy built-in player:

Something Live: The Cantab Sessions 2

Artist & Song Information:

  1. Buffie GrovesWorking In Wood Music & Lyrics by Buffie Groves. Recorded February 11, 2008.

  2. Spitzer Space Telescope The River Styx Music & Lyrics By Dan MacDonald. Recorded August 6, 2007.

  3. Raymond GonzalezGreenland Whale Fisheries Trad./Arrangement by Raymond Gonzalez. Recorded July 30, 2007.

  4. Danielle MiragliaYou Don’t Have To Drive Music & Lyrics by Danielle Miraglia. Cry Music & Lyrics by Danielle Miraglia. Recorded March 4, 2008.

  5. Hugh McGowanLolita Music & Lyrics by Hugh McGowan. Recorded January 7, 2008.

  6. Kinloch NelsonBanjectomy Music by Kinloch Nelson. Recorded December 10, 2007. (Catch a video of him playing this song at another venue here.)

All tracks mixed and recorded live by P.J. Shapiro. Additional mixing and editing by P.J. Shapiro.

This podcast © 2008 Inter Vivos Media, LLC. This podcast contains words and/or content that some people may find objectionable, and is there therefore intended only for listeners over the age of 18. Except as noted, copyright in all compositions and performances belongs to the Artists/Composers listed above. Any use of this podcast is subject to the Something Live Terms of Use.

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3 Responses to “Something Live: The Cantab Sessions 2”

  1. Madduaneon 08 Apr 2008 at 8:48 pm

    I dig that your line up looks like a mini open mike, with the “feature” in the middle. Danielle’s set & interview are pretty stellar. I like your announcing style & your choice of material so far.

    Thanks for doing this, PJ, I enjoy listening!

  2. Kay-wrenon 10 Apr 2008 at 11:08 pm

    I’d have to agree with the Mad one up there at the head of the comments. Nice format, good flow, interesting music. I like it that the second in the series relaxed just a bit. In the first one I was thinking you were headed straight for an NPR radio gig. Not that that’s a bad thing atall. But this one sounds a bit more “down home”. Not unprofessional, just a bit more relaxed… like everyone’s havin’ a good time and noone wants to leave. Me included. These episodes could be a little longer, iffen ya asks me.

    Good job!

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