Something Live: The Cantab Sessions 1

PJ on Feb 28th 2008

Welcome to the Something Live podcast! This show features music recorded and mixed live at The Cantab Lounge, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
To listen to the show just click on the link:

Something Live: The Cantab Sessions 1

Artist & Song Information:

1. Cathy SchumerCamden, England Music & Lyrics by Cathy Schumer. Recorded July 16, 2007.

2. Jeremy LyonsRed Apple Juice Traditional/Arrangement By Jeremy Lyons. Recorded September 24, 2007.

3. Danielle MiragliaNo One’s Listening But The Choir Music & Lyrics by Danielle Miraglia. Recorded September 3, 2007.

4. Geoff BartleyJuly Music & Lyrics by Geoff Bartley. Redemption Music by Geoff Bartley. Recorded at Something Live Studios, February 10, 2007. (Yes Geoff, it was the 10th.)

5. Ed WhiteThey Thought Your Boyfriend Was A Lesbian Music & Lyrics by Ed White. Recorded September 3, 2007.

6. Gerry RyanA Place To Go Home To Music & Lyrics by Gerry Ryan. Recorded January 14, 2008.

All tracks mixed and recorded live by P.J. Shapiro.  Additional mixing and editing by P.J. Shapiro.

This podcast © 2008 Inter Vivos Media, LLC. This podcast contains words and/or content that some people may find objectionable, and is there therefore intended only for listeners over the age of 18. Except as noted, copyright in all compositions and performances belongs to the Artists/Composers listed above. Any use of this podcast is subject to the Something Live Terms of Use.

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2 Responses to “Something Live: The Cantab Sessions 1”

  1. docon 29 Feb 2008 at 2:57 am

    It’s got a good beat and I can dance to it…

    I hope I didn’t just date myself by dropping an American Bandstand reference. Either way though, awesome show. Thanks for putting it all together. I’m already looking forward to episode two, but I’ll try to refrain from bugging you too much about when it’s going to be ready. Besides, that would cut into the time I set aside to ask about the new record. 😀

    Finally, doesn’t the first commenter to the site get to make a request? I thought so. Keeping that in mind, I’d love to hear a PJ Shapiro/Danielle Miraglia collaboration. That No One Was Listening But The Choir track was fantastic.

  2. Kay-wrenon 03 Mar 2008 at 10:28 pm

    You’re a natural. Good musical choices. Nice variety. Great sound quality. Awesome host. My big complaint? Needs more P.J. Shapiro songs. (And more Ed White.)

    Got the next one on the calendar!

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