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Something Live: The Cantab Sessions 11

PJ on Oct 7th 2009

Welcome to the eleventh Something Live podcast! This show features music recorded and mixed live during Geoff Bartley’s Open Mic (named Best of Boston 2008!) at The Cantab Lounge, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  By the way, Something Live just got reviewed by Tom Longo over at Podwatch.  Check it out!

Something Live: The Cantab Sessions 11

To listen to the show just click on the link or use the handy built-in player:

Artist & Song Information:

  1. Camille BloomBefore You Told Them Music & Lyrics by Camille Bloom.  Recorded March 9, 2009..

  2. Sam BayerIsland of Misfit Toys Music & Lyrics by Sam Bayer. Recorded October 2, 2009..

  3. Miss TessCan’t Hold You In My Arms Music & Lyrics by Miss Tess. Recorded October 20, 2008..

  4. Mark ErelliKingdom Come Music & Lyrics  by Mark Erelli, Stu Hanna & Rachael McShane.  Basement Days Music & Lyrics  by Mark Erelli. Recorded at the Something Live studios October 2, 2009..

  5. Shohei ToyodaHappy Sun Music by Shohei Toyoda. Recorded July 1, 2009..

  6. John SchindlerNobody’s Town Music & Lyrics by John Schindler.   Recorded at the Something Live Studios September 17, 2008..

All tracks mixed and recorded live by P.J. Shapiro. Additional mixing and editing by P.J. Shapiro.

This podcast © 2009 Inter Vivos Media, LLC. This podcast contains words and/or content that some people may find objectionable, and is intended only for listeners over the age of 18. Except as noted, copyright in all compositions and performances belongs to the Artists/Composers listed above. Any use of this podcast is subject to the Something Live Terms of Use.

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